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QuestionMy wife and I have experimented with different positions during sex, and it's important to me that she receive maximum pleasure from our times of intimacy. Is there one position that provides the best stimulation for women?

AnswerThe process of enjoying each other sexually is not stagnant, but continually flowing and changing. So it's good that you are trying different positions. It sounds as if you and your wife have the freedom to experiment and enjoy each other, but you just want to maximize enjoyment, especially for your wife.

Ultimately, your wife will be the best authority on what is most pleasurable for her. You might begin by doing some further experimentation to gather data about where your wife experiences the most genital sensation. (For diagrams and specific instructions, see pp 179-183 and 190-191 in Restoring the Pleasure.) After discovering where your wife feels the most sensation, you can then adjust positions during intercourse to maximize stimulation of those areas.

Traditionally, the husband has assumed the position on top of his wife. In that position, the Realignment Technique maximizes enjoyment for a woman by allowing the most contact with her total genital area, especially her clitoris. Basically, this technique involves the husband lying flat and sliding up toward his wife's head. When using the woman-on-top position, the wife can vary the position of her legs and the angle of her body to get the most sensation.

If you find that your wife is particularly responsive in the G-spot area (the area just beyond the inner edge of the vaginal muscle on the upper side of her body), there are two positions that will put the penis at an angle to exert pressure on that area during intercourse. One is entry into the vagina from behind; the other is for her to be on her back with her buttocks at the edge of the bed and her legs on your shoulders and you standing or kneeling beside the bed, entering with your penis at an upward angle.

Sixty percent or more of women do not experience orgasm during intercourse. If your wife desires orgasm during intercourse, experimenting with positions can help enhance that possibility as long as that goal does not distract the two of you from the pleasure of just enjoying each other's bodies.

It's most important for you to develop an attitude of openness and freedom that is mutually comfortable. Don't push your wife into a goal of trying new positions to enhance her pleasure. If she's happy, let her be the authority on what she desires for her own sexual pleasure.

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